Tuesday, January 27, 2009

dam the walmart portait studio

SO on friday i made an appointment to get gus's one yr pics taken well on sunday our appointmetn was at four then we got the portrait place ..and the bitch working there really pissed me off.. i was goin to buy a "advertised package" of just gus and then have them take a pic of miah and a pic of them to together and she said i cant do that you have to buy a package and i can only sell you one package per family per promotion.. so dan's mom was there and i said cant she buy on package and i buy the other we are different family's and she wouldnt let us so i said "PISS ON IT we will go some where else she was being a pain in the ass and i plan on calling the customer service department .. so NO pics i am really disappointed cause we cant really afford to have them taken anywhere else.. i really wanted to have his one yr pics taken..like we did miah's. oh well i'll blog more when im not so ticked off.

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