Wednesday, January 7, 2009

off to see the wicked witch of the north..

well as most of you know i don't get along with my mother, but tomorrow i will have to deal with her as i take my little brother back. he has been with us all week since last Thursday and he has been a great help to me with the kids and the house..tonight tommiah is being especially difficult and not going to bed.. she is about to drive me nuts today .. she wont listen to nothing i say.. Ive almost had it with her. i didn't do to much today , i washed a load of laundry and did a few dishes.. then tonight Dan and i went to town for a few things.. and i have packed for the six hr car ride tomorrow and wrote out instructions for Rosie on miah's inhalers cause she is keeping her tomorrow.I hate it when the kids are sick.. they are so different than when they are well. i need calgon to take me away..

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