Wednesday, January 14, 2009

hangin out

well yesterday i got up did my normal house cleaning then the kids and i went with my good friend leigha in to town and hung out and talked about "girl" stuff.. i had the best time..i dont get to hang out with anyone very much so it was much needed and enjoyed time away from the house even with the i got the house all cleaned up and the dishes all done and a butt load of laundry done.but ive been distracted all day and my thougths have been with my friend leigha and her family as today is the 7th birthday of her recently passed little boy jake.i remember how hard that first birthday with out matthew and all those old emotions are so raw..i thougth i had somewhat moved on and was dealing with it but this whole jake experience has brought up all those things, and brought back up the pain of losing my dad. jake was a very special and wonderful boy. He willb e greatly missed by any and everyone who knew pray for them and that god gives them comfort and a special blessing on this day ..

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