Friday, January 23, 2009


well i woke up this morning on a mission , gussy has been sleeping in a pack n play in our room since we was born because his bedroom is not finished and we don't have room to put up a crib, well my friend was over the other day and suggested putting his "bed" in the room with his sister , because i was telling her how miah keeps getting out of her bed in the night and trying to get in ours. so there was a overall consensus how maybe she was lonely and feeling left out, so today i rearranged Dan and I 's room about four times and rearranged miah and gus's room , there is a toddler bed and a pack nplay in there along with a chest of drawers and a ton of toys, and i moved her changing table/four drawer dresser to our room and put it next to the one gus has that is its twin.. so in my room i have two chest of drawers , a china hutch , and two 4 drawered dressers and two night stand, and a pile of clean folded laundry i have neglected ALL week and really need to put away but am really dreading..tomarrow i m goin to try to clean out my car it is a total wreck, but my front porch looks awesome and so much better , i really need to take a few pics.. maybe i'll go do that in a bit, dan and i finaly have some peace and quite as the kids are at grammy's for the night.maybe we will get to.umm... SLEEP.. miah has refused to go to bed until the wee hours for several nights the past two weeks i have no idea why then she get up and gets in our bed.. drive me crazy , cause she doesnt just snuggle up and go to sleep she is a cover theiving turn side ways and kick you out in the floor kid, the other night poor dan, our bed is pretty close to his dresser and he leaves the bottem drawer open cause it is just easier that way and no one can get around to that side of the bed anyway and his dad built this massive thing the drawers are like 2 feet deep and like four feet long and three feet wide,and it is filled with his work pants, well miah had kicked him off the bed and i woke up and he was half in the drawer it was SO funny.. and half on the edge of the bed..he prolly had like literally five inches of bed that was it.. so we will see how them two sleeping in the same room pans out .. hopefully before long they will be in their new rooms..

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