Wednesday, January 21, 2009

work out shemerk out...and improvements

well today was highly productive as far as house work and working out, it just seems i have a hard time finding seems i either have time to work out or do my daily when i miss a day i try to play catch up. and i seem to be doing more working out then what i call working up .. i know that i having my alone time with the lord everyday is important and i should put him first but like myself lately he has been put on the back burner. although we have made it to church the past four Sunday's in a row.. ( a new world record for us)and Daniel and i bought the book the love dare from the movie fireproof.. if you haven t seen it ..i would DEFINATLEY recommend it.. it is a awesome movie filled with wonderful advice.. i m also reading several books on becoming a better wife and mother.while i dont really feel im lacking in those area's despite some unimportant ppls options that i wish they would keep to them selves or stickit where the sun don't shine, i feel there is always room for one is perfect (except my two kids) so i m reading love and respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and The surrendered wife by Laura Doyle, the Love Dare is written by Stephen and Alex kendrick.and trying to make more time for the hubby and i to be alone. even though i stay home all day im finding there is always something that needs done..honestly i dont see how moms that work out side the house do it. keeping house is full time job.. while i complain about being shut in sometime and at times wish i had a job, then i could shop more but that is my addiction.. shopping.. i still need to work on that one.. maybe next yrs resolution after i lose the i 'll cut down the shopping.. i cant stop eating and shopping at the same time that would insure definite failure..anyway back to the previous topic.. i m managing to keep the house picked up and the dinner on the table most nights by the time dan is home from work , the laundry some what caught up and finding time to crochet , read and work out..and blog.. also learning to let some things go.. i have a big problem with having high expectations and expecting Daniel to read my mind Ive got to communicate clearly what i want and expect if it is goin to meet those expectations.. i set my self up for disappointment then i "Rage" and blame him..we have been doing much better at this by taking a few minutes each night to discuss how our days went and anything we need to talk about.even thought we have been thru some tough times in the past almost four years something that hasnt changed is ever since i moved in with daniel EVERY morning before he leaves for work he kisses me good by .. he has NEVER missed a morning.. even if im not awake he still does it and he ALWAYS kisses me when he gets home and we ALWAYS kiss matter what has happend between us or to us during the day.. i think it is sweet.. when tommiah was born we got in trouble because he crawled up in my bed in the night and i was holding tommiah on my chest and we fell asleep the nurse came in and about freaked out.. she was all like one person per bed.. it was funny.. cause the next night he slept next to me another funny thing i remember while we are on the hospital thing is when gus was born i had called for the nurse like five times.and no one was coming so Dan was holding gus in his arms and miah was tagging along behind him and he went to walk across the hall to the nurses station and they had a coniption..they said sir you cant carry that baby down the hall he has to be in the little rolly bed.. i was like HELL .. it aint like he aint carried a baby before and it was all of maybe 10 room was right across from the nurses desk.. but it did get their attention..LOL and i got my pain meds.. fast.. OK enough rambling for one post

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