Sunday, January 4, 2009

new years resolutions..

well a new year and new opportunity to make my life better. Last year my only resolution was to not have a baby this past year. since i had given birth in both 06 and 07 , i thought i should take 08 and even thought i did have a early term miscarriage the last week of DEC i technically didn't have a baby. so i was very proud to have for the first time stuck to a resolution.. and did it.. this year with my 10 yr class reunion coming up in July i thought i should try to finally shed the baby weight that has been nagging me the past year.. and to be more consistent in my church attendance and daily devotions. to be a better wife and play more with the kids..i spend a lot of my day cleaning and cooking.only two hours or so playing or reading to them.also to get on a budget and stick with it.. i would like to lose a total of 50lbs.. i have been eating less and more healthy foods so i think with any increase in my daily activity thru playin more with the kids,and adding a exercise program.. so wish me luck.. i am reading a book called love and respect, i am learning a lot about how a wife should treat a husband based on verse in the bible and how a man should treat his wife.Dan and i have a good marriage but like any couple we have our "crazy cycle's "or up and downs.. so i thought maybe i could learn something in this book to reduce the amount and frequency of them.. and with any luck to potty train miah .. she will be three in April it is time.. and to wean gussy of the bottle to a cuppy. maybe i am to ambitious.. anyway i have stuck to my exercises and devotions so far this week.. but there are 51 more weeks.. so we will see. how it goes..

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. I don't blog much on my myspace blog but I have an outside blog that I try to keep up with. I enjoy blogging. I look forward to reading yours.

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