Friday, January 23, 2009

staying busy,

well today i woke up with full intentions of tackling my two least favorite chores dishes and putting away the laundry , but i got a reprieve because as i was putting up the last of the groceries we had bought last night, it was late when we got home from walmart and i just put up the cold stuff, i noticed Dan had left his lunch on the table, so i called him and asked where he was working and it just happened to be at his dads. So i packed my self and the kids a lunch , repacked his and we took it to him, we spent most the afternoon at his dads , the weather was wonderful and his dad just put up a swing set and put in a sand box and they played outside and had a blast. then we came home, gus was having his nap and miah was playing out side and i cleaned off the front porch , did my dishes , cooked supper but still didnt put up the laundry, i need to do that, i dread going thru miah's drawers she has recent out grown most her clothes and is in a 3T so i need to go shopping and find her some jeans and tops .. i hate purging the drawers.but i LOVE shopping...maybe i'll go bargain hunting tomarrow or saturday ...well im off to bed im sure tired for not to have done much today ..

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