Friday, January 2, 2009

busy busy friday

well today wasn't anything special just a typical day . wake up change a couple diapers , have breakfast , give baths, get dressed , turn on cartoons and then my real work began, stripping all the sheets of the beds and cramming them in the washer ,putting clean sheet on the beds , making them.picking up all the dirty clothes, sweeping and mopping,cleaning the toilet, tub and counters. i finished all the dishes, got the table cleaned off , the stove cleaned up and folded and put away laundry.. for once the only dirty laundry is what we wore today about a half a load, i also had time to do my 20 minute workout , time to do my new daily devotion, and bake a dozen chocolate chip cookies, then i fixed lunch, and put the kids down for their nap, Gus took one and Miah played in her room, then i crocheted some on my new project. then i did more dishes and watched some TV. Dan brought home pizza for supper so i had no more dishes..YAY.. thank you Dan.. around 9:30 Miah went to bed with out a fight.that is unusual..lately she has been quite difficult to get in to bed.. Gus is not feeling well so he is still up . we are doing the inhalers. Miah takes a flovent inhaler every am and pm weather she is sick or not. when she is coughing and wheezing she has albutrol every 2hrs and atrovent every 4 hrs, Gus is only on albuterol every 2 hrs when sick.they both have severe asthma. the were on singular granules but i took them off after i was noticing severe side affects in Miah and deiced it was in their best interest to take them both off it. and the side effects have completely disappeared with no long term effects. and now i have time to blog before bed.. overall a productive day. laters..

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