Thursday, January 15, 2009

dam that denise austin

well i did all my house work except the dishes cause the water is frozen in the kitchen, so i had to carry it in pitchers from the bathroom up front..there is just something wrong about and i got in my work out.. i feel really good after i work out but sometimes when i m in the middleof it i just want to slap the hell out of that anorexic looking denise austin and tell her to go eat a dam steak. but it must be working cause ive lost 10lbs since sunday give or take a lb or 2.depending on the time of day..iv been kinda following the alli diet plan but with out the pills.. 1800 calories a day and 30 grams of has been harder to stay with in the fat grams than it has with colories.i seem under on them and over on my fat.. everyday so i just work out hard and hopefully by july i'll be a much healthyer looking.. dan dont care that im fat and i dont care but my 10 yr is coming up and all the high school b.s is rearing its ugly head i dont wanna be the one they all say OMG she is SO FAT.. iwant to say that about some one ok that was mean but hey i m honest.. i m also crocheting quickly on a baby blanket for a friend i have to have it done by monday and still have several squares left plus puttingit together and edgeing it ..i will take a pic when im done so you can all tell me how wonderful it just kidding.. well im off to eat my nofat low cal plain popcorn and drink my water..FUN FUN>.

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