Sunday, January 4, 2009

some peoples children...

well my day started off pretty normal.. did the morning routine, Dan went out and began replacing the master cylinder and brake lines cause the one in the back was worn out, then bled the lines. we went to town to the library and to the parts store to return the master cylinder core then to dan's moms so he can fix her furnace, he fixes it and we go to walmart then that is when the drama started..we went to ricky's and beth and steven were there with colton. they were dinking and playing cards with a few others(some where drinking others that were there werent)and colton was running wild , no one was really watching him, he snuck up stairs and threw a three tiered rolly cart filled with bath and body stuff and makeup and books down the stairs.. and then they were all three, gus miah and colton playing in the living room and gus was at the toy box, right in front of hte window that the view from the living room on to the porch where beth was sitting and gus was gettting a toy out and colton ran over there and said no no gus.. and shoved him backwards hard.. i had enought of him pickin on miah and gus everytime we are over there he is kicking,punching, biteing,hittine pinching miah. and beth does NOTHING about it .. it is one thing to pick on miah cause she more his size but to push gus down was another story, so i busted his ass..ok .one small swat to his butt. no one else was goin to and if they dicplined him in the first place he wouldnt act that kids dont act that way .. and why becuase we dicapline them.maybe i shouldnt have whiped him but they dont even say anything to him when he acts out.. so i heard ashley jane say to beth..omg.. mistie just whiped colton..and beth said she shouldnt whip him.. i figured she was goin to say something and then the fight was goin to be but she was to concerned with her poker game and crown and coke to even get up or send her beer drunk husband to see why he was crying ten mins. later when he fell backwards off a riding toy down a step he was trying to ride up .. when he went up stairs the first time Dan went and got him and the same this time dan picked him up and seen he was ok..they just laughted and kept playing.. kinda pissed me off, she says im a bad mom but i dont get drunk or even drink in front of my kids and let them run free all over hell's half acre to reek havick.then get up sunday morning and pretend to be sister christain to all my fake ass friends who i think i am better than cause i have a new house car and big screen..EEERRRR>. i just want to smack her everytime i am aroudn her.. wello k enought of the bitching..sorry i just need to vent.. i try so hard to be nice to her.. but this time i dont care if i pissed her off.. she can make her kid mind or kiss my big white butt.. and god help her if she mouths off to me.. lol..
so if you havnet figured it out .. dan's sisters and i dont get along that great.. ashley jane and i used to get along ok but that is before she started acting like beth.. after a while beth and steven took poor little misstreated colton home to bed and we came home also. i finaly got the kids to bed and got a shower and time to write next is my devotional and bed.. with anyluck i will wake up in time to get the crew ready and off to church ontime.. .

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