Wednesday, May 6, 2009

works for me wednesday

so i read another blog from moms the word and thought i have begun being frugal and i got the button from the host blog site We are that Family.. I make and use my own cloth diapers on our 16 month old, I wash them using laundry soap i home make, we are raising a garden along with my father in law and his fiance, on our family farm there are pigs, chickens, cows. so we have fresh milk, cream, home made butter, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, regular cheese eggs , bacon . pork chops, sausage, hamburger,steaks, ribs, roast and chicken. and all our veggies and herbs. I also use baking soda and vinegar to clean almost everything in our house.I also have been using coupons if i need something from the store and buy things on sale(i love Walgreen's).Also my kids receive state funded health insurance which qualifies us for a discount from our phone company so we cashed in on that. we have paid off our credit card and only owe on our land, our cars and house are also paid for, I shop for kids clothes at a thrift shop where they have a huge free pile and most time i get more stuff from there than i buy also at this same shop if you donate things you get 25 % off your purchase so i crochet hats and booties for preemies (this is the local hospital auxiliary thrift shop) so im helping others and saving money.We have also limited our trips to town and do several things when we go in, I purposely scheduled multiple doctors appointment on Fridays when i need to do any shopping and hubby takes his check to the bank.we have also started to only eat out once a week normally on Friday nights and i make a menu for a whole month and buy anything i dont have in bulk from Aldi's or Sam's club. that saves us a ton of money another way Ive cut back is our dog and cat eat scraps, there is always scraps, i buy very little cat food, our dog would rather have cat food than dog food so i just buy one big bag , we also feed our two rabbits , lettuce and carrots from our garden . also my hubby's grandpa raises sorghum cane and makes sorghum every year and we have that and we can wild grapes into jelly. so we are doing OK.all my friends tease me that all i need is a horse and buggy , then i could be Amish. Only my guilty pleasures is I could not live with out my PC and internet and I also partial to running water and electric.. maybe Mennonite??well let me know am i Frugal enough ???

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