Tuesday, May 19, 2009

making my home sing monday UPDATE

Making your home sing Mondays

well Ive since returned home from town and had a pretty productive evening .. i got almost all the dishes done and a ton of laundry folded, swept and swiffered the kitchen, living room, hall , bathroom and kids room and vacuumed our bedroom floor, i also changed all the sheets on our bed and both of the kids beds. and managed to throw together a unplanned supper of Grilled Lemon Pepper pork chops, cottage cheese, baked beans, mac n cheese, coleslaw. potato salad, rolls, and mac salad. I also had gotten a bottle of Lime Away at Walgreen's this week on sale and used it for the first time on my bathtub which gets a lot of use with a 3 yr old , 1 yr old and a carpenter/grease monkey for a hubby . We have a well so we have hard water .. i didn't expect it to work Ive tried EVERYTHING.. and much to my surprise it worked.. and my bathtub looks FABULOUS..so now i feel that my home is singing and i feels SO good.and if you need a good laugh check out Muthering Heights blog the video she posted SO funny.. also check out moms the word this is her meme idea.. also another plug for my confessions of a lazy llama meme.. it feels SO good to finally feel like things are under control again..

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  1. Man alive, you did get a lot done at home. Don't you just love those days!?! It almost makes you feel a little guilty when most of your home keeping is done in one day and the next day or so you actually get a few minutes to relax.