Tuesday, May 5, 2009

not me monday..

So as I m still laying here on the couch reading blogs I was checkin up on Stellan and see his mommy had written a very interesting blog and you can see it here.
So I have not enjoyed being waited on hand and foot by my sister and Hubby nope NOT ME!!Ive not taken advantage of not having to cook, clean or do laundry ..NOPE.. NEVER .. I m suzy freeking home maker and LOVE LOVE LOVE being my whole family's slave and to jump at their every whim.. I would never over fill my cloth diaper pail until they are falling out in to the bathtub and then wait one more day to wash them.. I would NEVER buy more prefolds because i was to lazy to wash the dirty ones..NOPE.. I would NEVER milk the bed rest as an excuse to get hubby to bring me my fav treats from sonic..nope not me.. see im an little angel.. My halo's being held up by my horns.. and my mouth is wraped about a strawberry slushy from sonic..heheh.. i would never never take the remote away from my 3 yr old and change the station in the middle of her fav show because im tired of watching it ..not me..id never ever do anything mentioned above.nope NOT ME!!!

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