Sunday, May 17, 2009

Confessions of a Lazy Llama

SO I join all these things such as Making my Home sing Monday at Moms The Word , Not me Monday, with Mckmamma, Works for my Wednsday from We are THAT Family and Friday Photo Flash Back from Alicia's Blog I'm not even sure what they are called, and I got the idea to do my own. Iam calling it Confessions of a Lazy Llama, where did I come up with that you wonder? Well our neighbor has 3 Llama's and when we drive by to go anywhere those llama's are always laying down so my 3 yr old calls them Lazy Llama's. SO it is a saying around our house that if you are taking a short cut or "cheating" as my 3 yr old says you are being a Lazy Llama.SO I thought Maybe some of you would like to share how you make things easier for your self by being a "lazy llama"

I am a Lazy Llama when instead of sweeping my floors I set my vacuum to bare floors setting and use it instead .
I am a Lazy Llama when I never mop with a real mop I just use my swiffer wet or a wet wash cloth under both feet to clean up spills.
I am a Lazy Llama when I use dry erase Markers on my bare fridge cause I to LAZY to walk across a 12ft room to write it on the board.

SO hopefully ya'll will participate and share how you a "lazy llama"
I know as a mom we never have time to be "lazy" so this is just for fun.
And since I cant figure out how to use Mr. Linky please just post your links to a comment. Maybe someone can help me with MR. Linky .. I hope everyone is enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday before Life takes its hold tomarrow.

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