Saturday, May 2, 2009

friday photo flash back

Friday Photo Flashback

So I was reading thru the some of blogs I follow and on Mom's The Word i seen this and I thought it looked liked fun considering all Ive been thru today. Read my last post for that story, so the pics below are a montage of the me before kids.and since my 10yr class reunion is fast approaching im posting my SR pics..i wish i could have this body back.What happened? TWO KIDS IN 20 Months. Yup that will do it to ya. I got the button for this from this Alicia's Blog called More than words I reckon this was her idea first.


  1. Hi Mistie! I'm so glad you participated in the meme! I hope you come back more often!!

    You look beautiful in your pictures! Wow..10 year reunion. How fun! My husbands 20 yr. reunion is coming up in October!!

    I'm going to read your previous post now.


  2. How cool! I love that montage...that is neat. You look so pretty and I don't see much of a change.