Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mothers day

now having said that you would think that since today is Mothers day my husband and father to my 3 kids would say or do something to recognize that..NOPE.. not a single happy mothers day , no card ,no presents, no gifts and he sent my kids off to his moms for the weekend, not because he had something special planned nope!!!! He want to work on his ignorant truck (NEver mind that we needed more room like last week and the addition is so close to being finished it aint funny ) oh ya but that would require some effort on his part to not be a selfish DICK . and do something for someone else .. never mind that i care for him and his kids 24hrs a day 7 days a week, make sure his house and clothes are clean, dinner is on the table , and his kids are well taken care of, the bills are paid and i clip coupons and shop on sale like crazy to keep his bank account in check as well . HE goes to WORK every day while apparently all i do is SIT on my ASS all day and play online.. HE MAKES all the MONEY and all i do is SPEND it. His f****** sister can tell everyone that i am a horrible mom call dhs on us and try to get our kids taken away , and when ever she calls him to help her fix her car he jumps right up and runs over there even though my POS lemon he forced me to get is parked in the drive not working as we speak.. and he wont even say anythin to his sister about what she did is wrong.. he never will stand up for me or defend me to his family but is the first one to point out all the faults in my family .. I am so sick and tired of being SHIT on and today was the straw that broke the camels BACK.. so i hope everone else enjoys their "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY " cause mine sucked ASS!!!!


  1. I am so sorry...but I'm really glad you were able to get it off your chest...I hope today is better!

  2. nope this am my 3yrold was addmitted to hospital for celluouis we will be here a few days