Monday, May 25, 2009

Please Pray for my nephew Lucus..

Please pray for my nephew, well the really son of a kid who is just like my brother so i consider him my brother and his son my nephew. He was born 2 yrs ago with his intestins outside of his body and had to have surgury following birth to put them back in.. here is the email i got from his grandma..below

Hello, Just letting everyone know the update on Lucas. Wed night he was fussy in the night and could not be calmed. The kids took hi to St John's by car. They called at 5AM to say that he had an obstruction but that they were waiting to see if it was viral and would clear on it's own. At 6 they said that Dr. was going out of town so if Lucas had to have surgery it would be done in St. Louis. At 9 they called and said his blood pressure dropping and pulse rate rising and that he was on his way to OR there at St John's. He was in surgery from 10AM unitl 1:45 PM. They closed knowing that they would have to go back in the next morning. He had to have a large amount of his small intestine resected. He only has about 110cm of small intestine left. If he requires more surgery they will have to fly him to Ohmaha Nebraska or Boston Mass. So keep us in prayer because we won't know about this until Tuesday.

He is a very sick little boy and needs our prayers..thanks

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