Sunday, May 3, 2009

bed rest

well ive been layin on the couch most the day , hubby and i went in to town and ate lunch and to visit the kids who are staying at my mother in laws so i can stay off my feet, and tonight we had a birthday party for my little brother who turned 20. He is very special to me, he has a few disabilities and since both my parents worked two jobs when i was little i basically raised him. He has cerebral palsy and aspergers syndrome which is on the autism spectrum. His birthday is acutally April 22 but since he live six hours away with HIS mother, i only see him once a month for our COURT ORDERED visitation, (long STory) the short version HIS mother is a bitch and tryed to keep us from seein him after my dad passed and she remarried her asshole new husband. anyways below are some pics of my father in laws fiance and my brother she made him a cake and we thru him a little party. i sat in a chair with my feet up obey doctors orders..

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