Monday, May 25, 2009

confessions of a lazy llama

Time for more confessions...
OK so when I'm feeling like a Lazy Llama sometimes I....

  1. Kick the shoes under my hubby's recliner so I dont have to Pick them up.
  2. Spray Febreeze all over the house to make it "Smell" like I've cleaned that day.
  3. Break out the "fine China" aka paper plates because I'm tired of washing dish's.
  4. Fast Forward thru the part of my Pilate DVD I can not do cause I'm so out of shape
  5. Skip my work out all together to crochet
  6. Love the peace and quite of the house after everyone goes to sleep and stay up till 2 :30 blogging about it instead of working out.
So I hope that y'all will share some of your "llama" moments..

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