Monday, May 11, 2009

menu planning monday

so this week we are having the following around our house.. also check out these other menu planning monday blogs.. the happy housewife and I'm an organizing junkie..

Breakfast -scrambled eggs, toast and banana's
Lunch-something in town more than likely McDonald's
Supper- Chicken Carbonaro, mashed potato's and glazed carrots

breakfast- waffles and peaches
lunch- chicken nuggets and fries
Supper-Cowboy beans and cornbread

breakfast-oatmeal, muffins and pears
lunch- Pb and J sandwich's ,celery and mixed fruit
supper-BBQ chicken pizza


breakfast-pancakes, sausage, and Mandarin oranges
lunch-mac n cheese, corn and apples
supper- spaghetti pie , garlic bread and salad


breakfast-cold ceral , toast and banana's
lunch -raviloli, green beans and fried bread and cottage cheese
supper- birthday dinner for a nephew and brother in law at my father in laws - Rotinie


breakfast - biscuits and gravy ,eggs and bacon
lunch-hamburger helper
supper- we normally eat out this meal..

breakfast-bagels and melon
lunch - left overs
supper--mystery meal... i dont know yet..

Well that is about everything , I have my shopping list all made and am ready to hit the store with two(sick) toddlers in tow..


  1. Do you find it hard to plan all 3 meals! planning dinner is uaully enough for me!

  2. if i dont plan something i forget to eat..just to much to do