Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the denist from hell

well today i took my 3yrold princess to a "pediatric" dentist to have four teeth filled. and it all started out well they gave her some meds to make her loopy and some liquid demorall then they took her back and gave her the laughing gas. he cleaned them off and drilled out the wholes.she started screaming in pain then he realized he didn't give her the Novocain shots so he give them to her and try's again.. she is still pissed and crying screaming no no it hurts so they STRAP her to a board so she cant move and then he re-admins the Novocain and waits and few mins and finally gets the outside two filled and try's to start the two front ones and she is scared by the noise of the tool and is crying so he SCREAMS at her to LAY STILL and IT WILL BE OVER IF YOU WILL JUST LAY STILL.. and to STOP BUCKING LIKE A MULE.. i was pissed... he finally got them filled but instead of filling the two fronts separately he filled them together so now her 2 front teeth are like one big tooth. and it looks wired.. I'm so mad at my self for making her go and so PISSED that they let people like this work with kids.. We WILL NOT Be goin back to that jerk wad.. im so mad....and worried that she will be traumatized by this experience., they didn't even ask me if it was ok to strap her down.. and they wouldn't let me sit and hold her had to stand back to the side cause she kept pulling her legs out so one of the dental techs SAT on her legs to hold them down.I told them to just forget it but he said he had gone to far and couldn't..what a JERK!!!! Has anyone else had anything like this happen??

her teeth before
her getting the gas
her after the meds were kickin in ..

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