Thursday, May 7, 2009

friday photo flash back

Friday Photo Flashback

Here is a pic of the first moment i ever laid eyes on my little girl making me a mommy, and since it is mothers day I thought I would post it.. It is only 3yrs old but a special moment in my life.. i thought i would share it with ya'll. Ive also included her hospital pics and she was born 3 days before Easter so the purple dress is her first Easter dress and the overalls were mine when i was little gotta start a country girl out right ..huh.?? Also a few pics of daddy giving her first bath I think she was about 20 mins old in those,I had a emergency c-section so It was about 2 hrs after she was born before I seen her. MY whole family met her before me I was the LAST person to get to meet her, thats just not fair !!! And the second video is my little Gussy, He is so sweet.

In this video is Gus , my hottie doctor, gussy's first bath oh ya.. and what happens on halloween when you have way to much free time in arkasas.. Also check out Alicia's blog this is all her idea


  1. happy mother's day! greetings from the philippines.. found you through Friday Photo Flashback! :)

  2. Hi Mistie! I like how you did the slideshow! Those are precious pictures of your baby! That must have been hard to not be able to see her for a couple of hours!! LOL @ the "hottie doctor."

    Have a Happy Mother's Day, and thank you again for joining in on FPF!!!

  3. Such beautiful babies! Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for sharing your memories with us.


  4. Your children are precious! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  5. Oh, so cute...your babies are beautiful from the get go! Happy Mother's Day...

  6. Those are such sweet pictures. Happy Mother's Day!