Sunday, May 24, 2009

making my home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

SO is it Monday ALREADY??? NOO.. only i don't have to dread it so much this week as hubby is off from work..yay.. so to make my home sing this week have decided in order for my home to sing some times things have to "wait" their turn. I am only one person and can not do it all and be SUPER mommy. And to do this I have to let somethings that are not "that" important go do the major stuff first even if that means there are* GASP* dirty dishes in the sink while me andmy 3 yr old play candy land in the middle of a cluttered living room so be it. Life is not all about work and no play.
How can you have a well rounded child if all you do is let them entertain them selfs and clean all the time .YES your house will be clean Maybe..but what will your children turn out like. Having a happy child(ren) and making sure they know they are loved is making your home sing. You cant always be a super mom and super maid and super wife. you have to pick your battles . and i would rather "battle" a 3 yrold than a sink full of dishes. Check out Moms the Word for more ways to make your home sing.


  1. Oh amen, sistah! Cleaning can wait sometimes when there is a precious child who could use a little mommy love and attention.

    Of course, it's all about balance. Some clean all the time and give kids little time, some give kids lots of time and never clean.....some are able to find that balance, which is what we all need, I think.

    It can't be all work and no play, but can't be all play and no work either.

    Good for you for setting some things aside and playing Candyland. I would love to play Candyland again, but mine are too old now to want to play it, lol!

    Have a great Monday and thanks for joining us today!

  2. Children love it when we make that time for them! Quality time is so important!!

  3. Priorities, priorities...that is what it is all about...we all have to determine what works for us...hope your day turned out well...

  4. WTG! Sometimes it is hard to let go of those little things and just have fun!