Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Photo Flash Back

Friday Photo Flashback

Here are some pics of me when I was little. gotta love the 80's. These pics range from the time i was 4 days old till around the sixth grade.. and be sure to check out Alicia blog for more Friday photo flash back's


  1. Wow, Misti! Your parents got a lot of studio pictures done of you! That is so cool!!!! Love the one on the swingset also!

    Those were great to look at!!

    And thank you for participating again!!!

  2. Great Pictures!

    Have a Blessing Long Weekend!!!

  3. Misti, I love that slideshow you do...that is so neat. Were those all school pictures or were you hitting the Sears photo studio a lot? My SIL took her kids to JC Penney photo studio twice a year, every year...I've taken my kids once ever! How bad is that?

  4. love all the pictures!! thanks for stopping by my blog! hope to see you around some more! :0)

  5. How adorable! I just LOVE the photos of you in the bonnet in the field! Reminds me of Little House :)

  6. I love the slide were a cutie!